Lindsey Graham Gives Trump Credit For House Passage Of Ukraine Aid

Never mind that Trump was the one responsible for holding up the aid for months in the first place. Now lickspittle Lindsey Graham wants to give him credit for it finally passing.

Sadly it looks like the evangelicals were the ones that pushed Johnson to finally put the bill up for a vote, not Trump.

Here’s Graham responding to his fellow Senator JD Vance’s criticism of the bill on this weekend’s Fox News Sunday:

GRAHAM: So this idea, give up on Ukraine, makes the world safer, if you pull the plug on Ukraine because you don’t have enough capability, there goes Taiwan. Ukrainians are fighting like tigers. This aid package has a loan component to it. This would not have passed without Donald Trump.

I wanna thank the House Speaker and Hakeem Jeffries working together in a bipartisan fashion to give weapons to Ukraine, to fight a fight that matters to us, and president Trump has created a loan component to this package. It gives us leverage down the road. So this idea that we can’t help Ukraine, and Israel and Taiwan at the same time, I reject that. I reject it totally.

Here are some of the appropriate responses to Graham’s nonsense on Xitter:

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