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Lumen Heralds New Era with Wi-Fi Device

Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) stock was on the move Tuesday, on new developments.

The company claims to be ushering in a new era of wireless connectivity with the launch of a Wi-Fi 7-capable device that will soon be available to their Quantum Fiber customers. Quantum Fiber is partnering with MediaTek and its consolidated entity, Airoha, as well as AXON Networks on the device. It is expected to launch in select markets later this year.

Lumen’s Quantum Fiber is the first internet service provider to offer an in-house developed Wi-Fi 7 device, the latest and most advanced Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi 7 will offer a superior customer experience with significant improvements over the current Wi-Fi technology standard, such as faster speeds, lower latency, higher capacity, better reliability, and enhanced security. This Wi-Fi 7 device will deliver improved coverage, power, quality, and experience to its customers.

“Offering Wi-Fi 7 to our Quantum Fiber customers is another major step in our goal to offer the fastest, most reliable, and most secure Wi-Fi service in the industry,” said Maxine Moreau, Lumen president of Mass Markets. “In our fast-paced and connected world, we know that securing a lightning-fast and reliable connection is our customer’s number one priority, and we’re proud to be at the cutting-edge of innovation in Wi-Fi connectivity.”

Says Tuesday’s news release, “We are dedicated to furthering human progress through technology by connecting people, data and applications — quickly, securely and effortlessly. Everything we do at Lumen takes advantage of our network strength.”

LUMN shares grabbed a penny to $1.36.

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