MAGAs Hilariously Turn On Each Other At The Border Protest

It was inevitable that violence and screaming in each other’s faces would occur at the Southern border after a bunch of religious zealots and Trump supporters converged in protest of migrant crossings. People dressed in religious garb and t-shirts with anti-LGBTQ messages met up to display their hatred toward complete strangers who just wanted a better life. Still, then things took another inevitable shift as they turned on each other.

And we’re OK with that. Fight amongst yourselves, guys. Trump would be proud. Oh, and by the way, if this is really about migrant crossings, then why the religious homophobic t-shirts? Migrants =/= gay. Geez.

Things heard in the clip above as they shout at each other:

No free speech, no guns, no offensive Christians.

What kind of conservatives are you?

Oh, you’re from California.

You’re not even a Texan.

From San Diego.

Like America doesn’t believe in that constitution.

What’s wrong with you?

You’re a violent thug.

You’re a violent thug.

You want to go to jail?

Don’t touch us.

We will not be touched.

Hey, that’s enough!

Hey, you back up!

You can’t make this stuff up. Who could have ever imagined that this would happen? Besides all of us, that is. It’s as if they forgot who to hate. Republicans aren’t sincere about wanting to fix the problems at the border. If they were, they would have taken the bipartisan deal — which gave them everything they wanted — instead of taking direction from a man facing 91 felonies. They’re terrible at this.

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