Major Binance Updates Concerning Many Users

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by means of users and trading volume – Binance – has been involved in some controversy throughout the past few days.

A number of reports on the social media platform X alleged that KYC information of users registered on the exchange had been put up for sale on the dark web, essentially pointing to a potential exploit of the exchange.

Answering one of the tweets, the official account of the Customer Support department of Binance reassured that users are safe:

Our security team has assessed this – as they do all potential threats – and have confirmed there is no such leak from Binance systems. User accounts remain safe.

Accounts are secured through many defenses, including MFA, biometrics, authenticators, etc.

As always, we appreciate anyone sharing potential bugs and security issues with us so we can investigate and, where necessary, take action to protect users.

Elsewhere, the exchange also announced extended support for the altcoin RONIN.

Binance will be listing RONIN and open trading for the following spot trading pairs later today:


Users are already allowed to deposit, whereas withdrawals will open tomorrow at 13:30 UTC.

Interestingly enough, RONIN’s price plunged by some 9% today following the announcement.

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