Matt Prior: Is your old Ford Fiesta suddenly worth a fortune?

In the year leading up to the announcement last October that production would end, C&C’s Fiesta selling prices averaged £5000. Since then, the average has been £7200. Should one buy-buy-buy? They are cute cars and prices are on the up.

Well, not so fast. There are so few XR and RS models that particularly big spikes in their prices (up 19% and 130% respectively) could be down to curios, as with that Sierra Cosworth RS500 that went for nearly £600,000 a few months ago. ST prices are actually down (13%), although most are so recent that they will be models that are just following a natural depreciation trend. 

And anyway, with inflation high, who is to say that a double-digit percentage increase in value is in fact much of an earner?

I don’t think I would take the chance. Better, I think, to buy something because you want one rather than because of any potential return on investment – which is a slight ‘do as I say, not as I do’, because I bought the Honda Africa Twin motorcycle that I’m currently riding around Ireland just when Honda announced the new one in 2016, thinking that I could own it for a couple of enjoyable years and then move it on.

Alas, no. Not because Africa Twin values haven’t increased – they have – but because it has worked its way into my affections to such an extent that I can now never sell it.

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