Meet the Beauty Forward 2024 Europe speakers…

The broadcast is part of a three-day event that will kick off in Asia Pacific on 29th January at 3pm (SGT), followed by Europe on 30th January at 2.30pm (GMT)/3.30pm (CET), and North America on 31st January 11am (CST).

Over the three days, we’ll be interviewing a variety of experts from multinational companies such as L’Oréal, Coty, Kenvue and Unilever, some of the most innovative startups, as well as cutting-edge trends experts, to get a better understanding of the wants and needs of future beauty consumers.

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Meet our Europe speakers: 30th January 2.30pm(GMT)/3.30pm(CET)

The European broadcast is going to focus on next-gen beauty microbiome opportunities, next-gen circular beauty innovation, and the next-gen European skin care consumer.

For this, we will be hearing from:

Dr Alain Mavon, VP R&D and sustainability, LUMENE Group

Dr Mavon has over 25 years of expertise in cosmetics research, about 60 scientific publications, and several patents. He has long been researching the ageing process and investigating ways to improve skin health and enhance beauty.

In 2022, Dr Mavon joined LUMENE Group as VP of R&D and Sustainability, leading the R&D, Quality, and Sustainability teams. His core focus is now on innovative plant-based Nordic ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and circular beauty.

Jayn Sterland, MD at Weleda UK

Sterland has been a passionate leader at Weleda for over a decade, with a mission to drive the industry towards using more sustainable business practices. 

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