MSNBC Host Calls Lindsey Graham Booing During Trump Speech 'Ritual Humiliation'

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes accurately summed up the pettiness we’ve seen from Trump and the way he treats his sycophants after watching Trump suck-up Lindsey Graham be booed relentlessly just prior to Trump calling him on stage in South Carolina.

As everyone expected, Trump beat Haley by a fairly wide margin in her home state, and apparently the Trump fans who turned out to watch his victory speech aren’t big fans of Graham:

Donald Trump says he’s a big fan of GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, but the ex-president’s supporters don’t appear to feel the same way. […]

Among those he thanked at the event was Graham, a U.S. Senator from the state.

The crowd was not on the same page in their feelings regarding the senator. “When I’m in trouble on the left, I call Lindsey Graham, and he straightens it out so fast,” Trump says to boos from the crowd. He tried to change their mind about the controversial lawmaker.

As the crowd booed, the former president attempted to calm them, repeatedly waving his hands, gesturing them to quiet down. He then introduced Graham himself to speak, hoping he could clear things up with the unruly crowd.

As Hayes said in response, “it would not be a Republican primary night without some ritual humiliation of some of the Trump supporters live on stage.”

Acyn originally flagged the booing on Xitter:

Gotta’ love some of the responses.

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