My NYC Friends Will Try These New Trends First in 2023

My NYC Friends Will Try These New Trends First in 2023

One of my favorite parts of New York as a fashion editor is the constant outfit inspiration courtesy of the Manhattan sidewalks. A brief walk through Downtown can tell you what people will be wearing in six months, the freshest way to style your old clothes, and the new staple you didn’t know you needed in a mere 20 minutes. This aspirational and effortless yet inspired dressing is the reason I’ve turned to New Yorkers for what trends they’ll be guaranteed to indulge in 2023. 

This year’s fashion was defined by a resurgence of going-out clothes, an onslaught of Y2K throwback fashion, and an increased focus on the capsule wardrobe, among other trends. While I expect those themes to carry over into the New Year, there are a few buzzy trends worth noting as you fill up your 2023 cart.

After polling my New York friends and gathering my observations around the city, I’ve rounded up a trend-based shopping list below that will have you feeling cosmopolitan in an instant.

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