Navarro Sentenced To Four Months For Contempt Of Congress

Feds sought six months for Navarro, he got four.

Steve Bannon is still out there doing his podcasts but also sentenced to the same imaginary 4-month sentence.

Via MSNBC, above:

Peter Navarro was sentenced to four months in prison. That’s just short of what prosecutors were seeking: the mandatory minimum was one month. The judge went beyond that. The judge said it was circumstances of his own making and he was not a victim of political persecution, pointing out the fact you had the White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, who had his lawyers deal with the committee, who was not charged in this case. There were circumstances that the Justice Department made a decision because Navarro had so defied the returning records — or appearing for people during this situation, that this was deserving of a four-month sentence. It matches what Steve Bannon got for the same circumstance, but Steve Bannon has not served that four-month sentence yet because that’s still on appeal. You would expect the same from Navarro. Not something where he will have to report to jail. That four-month sentence is hanging over his head.

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