NBA All-Star ballots and explaining the coaching changes for Bucks & Wizards

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Jake Fischer and Dan Devine discuss the NBA coaching changes in Milwaukee and DC, discuss Team USA, reveal Dan’s All-Star selections and more.

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On this episode of No Cap Room, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Jake Fischer and Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Dan Devine talk about everything that’s going on around the NBA.

The guys start with the news of Wes Unseld Jr., who has been relieved of his role as the head coach of the Washington Wizards and is moving up to the front office. Jake and Dan do their best to explain his tenure in DC and why the Wizards would be making this move now.

The guys also haven’t had a chance to talk since the Bucks fired Adrian Griffin and hired Doc Rivers as their new head coach. Dan explains what was wrong with the Bucks, despite their record, and Jake tells us why Doc Rivers got the call to replace him.

With the Team USA men’s basketball roster pool released this week, the guys discuss what the final team could look like and which players are sure things to go to the Olympics in Paris as part of the final squad.

Jake has a rant about the NBA’s obsession with trade value and winning or losing an individual trade rather than focusing on making your team better, and Dan seems to be on board with it.

Dan recently turned in his NBA All-Star ballot, so he reveals on the podcast who he put in the starting lineup for both the East and the West and explains why certain guys (Brunson, LeBron, etc.) didn’t get his vote.

Finally, Jake has a little fun trying to craft tweets in the voice of Dan’s prolific Twitter account.

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