NERRĀ launches ‘world’s first-ever’ MyMicrobiome certified glove

NERRĀ has reportedly combined ancient hammam-style bathing practices with modern skin care techniques with the launch of its newest product, a certified microbiome-friendly exfoliating glove. Made from 100% plant-viscose, the Exfoliating Body Glove Set is biodegradable and is certified by MyMicrobiome, “the first independent control body that rigorously tests cosmetic and textile products for the impact on the skin’s microbiome,” according to the company’s website.

To learn more about the product’s launch, including the research and development process, the challenges overcome to bring the product to market, and the consumer pain points that the product can solve, we spoke to NERRĀ founder and formulator Teyma Touati for her insights.

CDU: Can you share some information about the conceptualization, development, and formulation process for the new brand launch?​ 

Teyma Touati (TT)​: The inspiration for NERRĀ was born from a profound personal experience when I moved abroad. Leaving behind my Tunisian roots and daily habits, I noticed a significant change in my skin’s texture.

This led me to a realization: the hammam, more than just a cultural tradition, was an unrecognized essential skincare regimen. It sparked the idea of modernizing these ancient rituals for contemporary use, starting with the hammam. 

In developing NERRĀ’s product line, we embarked on a collaborative journey with French laboratories. This partnership was an opportunity to blend my insights from studying cosmetic formulation with their expertise. I had the privilege of being hands-on during the formulation process, thinking through ingredients, crafting formulas, and conducting tests. 

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