New Maserati Grancabrio drops all camo ahead of 2024 launch

The new Maserati Grancabrio has been spotted without any camouflage as it ramps up for a reveal in a matter of months. 

The luxury drop-top GT looks to be all but ready for the showroom, appearing completely undisguised on what appears to be a pre-reveal publicity photo shoot. The exhaust pipes and aggressive body styling give this prototype away as the top-rung Trofeo V6 car, but there will be a near-identical pure-electric version, too.

The convertible version of the reborn Maserati Granturismo will be identical in specification to the coupé according to the Italian firm. This means the Maserati Grancabrio will feature a choice of two V6 options (with 489bhp and 550bhp) and a Folgore-badged EV with 745bhp.

Range is claimed to stand at around 280 miles from an 83kWh battery. The Folgore benefits from a total of three electric motors – one at the front, and two mounted to the rear – with all-wheel drive, which will no doubt be put to the test on those ice-covered roads. 

Named after the Italian word for ‘thunderbolt’, it will be capable of hitting 0-62mph in just 2.7sec with more than 997lb ft of torque. Top speed is a claimed 199mph, while its charge rate is equally impressive, measuring in at a maximum of 270kW. 

The electric Folgore will be the first electric convertible grand tourer on the market. In coupé form, it costs from around £190,000 and is expected to go on sale as a 750bhp drop-top with a price tag surpassing £200,000.  

Named after the Italian word for ‘thunderbolt’, the electric Folgore will be capable of hitting 0-62mph in just 2.7sec with more than 997lb ft of torque. 

maserati grancabrio folgore parked

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