Newly A.I. discovered peptide promises anti-aging results

Nuritas and its Nuritas MagnifierNπΦ platform offers the potential to unlock plant-based, efficacious solutions to a myriad of health problems, with a reported success rate of up to 1,200 times that of traditional R&D, in 80% less time.

In the food and nutrition space, the company offers PeptiStrong (with muscle building, anti-muscle atrophy and anti-inflammation properties), while they also worked with BASF to develop PeptAIde for modulation of inflammation with respect to exercise.

For the cosmetics and personal care space, the company used its AI technology to identify and develop PeptiYouth, from pea (Pisum sativum​).

“PeptiYouth is unique: It has been hidden in plain sight in nature for 100 million years, but, until today, we lacked the precision technology to discover it,” said Marie Bruckert, Nuritas Growth Marketing and Business Strategy Director. “This intelligent ingredient is the first AI-discovered nature-identical peptide that delivers superior clinically-proven anti-aging efficacy.”

Five key signs of aging that PeptiYouth targets include lines and deep wrinkles, dull skin, pores, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Because it can be used at a low dose of 35ppm, the peptide can be added to existing formulas. The peptide has shown success in a variety of topical products including serums, pigmented makeup, eye creams, face creams and SPF. Each of these formulations by Nuritas also include other beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and retinol.


The two clinical trials included both males and females between 45 and 85 years old who showed visible signs of aging. In both clinical trials, the product was tested against a placebo. Testing included cross-polarized light, which is used to diagnose skin cancers. Benefits were demonstrated on both a short- and long-term front, from 14 to 56 days.

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