Newsmax Swiftie Says Taylor Will Sing At Trump's Inauguration

A right-wing pundit insisted there was a chance that Taylor Swift could perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration if he is re-elected as president.

Turning Point USA ambassador Debra Lea made the suggestion during a Sunday discussion about Swift on Newsmax.

Lea argued against right-wing conspiracy theories that claimed Swift would endorse President Joe Biden as part of a “psyop” to get him re-elected.

“A lot of people on the right have been, but I don’t see a big conspiracy theory here,” Lea said. “But as we’ve seen with her private jet, she just sold her private jet after a lot of peer pressure from people saying she’s one of the worst celebrities in terms of carbon emissions, and there was a kid tracking her jet that she’s trying to sue right now.”

“She’s clearly susceptible to community pressure, peer pressure, so I think we should use our voices to pressure her to vote for the right candidate, for the Republican candidate, instead of just assuming she’s gonna vote for Biden and boxing her in,” she continued. “I think we should try to win her over to our side. I’m a Swifty, I’m a Republican Swifty, and I would love to see people on our side perform at Trump’s inauguration.”

“You know, a girl can dream, and I think we gotta work on that front, on winning her over, rather than just pushing her further left,” Lea added.

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