Newsom Hits 'Shameful' Republicans For Ditching Bipartisan Border Deal

California Gov. Gavin Newsom whacked the spineless Republicans who are again capitulating to Trump on the one issue they keep pretending they actually care about so that Trump can have it as a political issue for the election.

As we already discussed here, “Trump privately pressured Senate Republicans to kill the bipartisan deal to secure the U.S. border because he doesn’t want Joe Biden to chalk up a win ahead of the 2024 presidential election,” and apparently caused some consternation among Senate Republicans, not all of whom want to go along with Trump.

Newsom gave an interview to MSNBC’s Alex Wagner this Thursday and didn’t hold back his disgust with what he was witnessing:

NEWSOM: Mitch McConnell, I thought that was shameful, what was reported out. They’re just completely rolling over and capitulating. Don’t even get me started with the weakness of the current Speaker of the House.

I mean, they don’t want to deal, period, full stop. They don’t want a deal. They don’t want to make this a “campaign win” for Joe Biden. It’s everything you need to know about the fraud that they are perpetuating on the issue of the border. They want to make this a political issue. Consistently they have wanted to make it, ever since there were a few brave souls with that gang of eight. We all remember those…

WAGNER: Yeah, I’m old enough to remember that.

NEWSOM: And ever since there, everyone, they just walk away. They run away. The first day he was in office. Not the next day. The same day he gets sworn in he puts out a comprehensive immigration plan. And yet he didn’t have a counter, no strategy, in terms of the republican party, even in combating that they just wanted to kill it. They didn’t want to engage. 14 billion dollar proposal. 14 billion dollars. That’s his latest proposal to address their stated issue border security. 2300 new border patrol agents. Another thousand in addition to that to deal with fentanyl. Close to another billion dollars, 850 plus million dollars, just for new technology. And then address some of the issues that backlog in asylum to address those that are here waiting for asylum claims. They won’t touch it. They don’t want to solve this problem. They want to use it for political purposes.

And again, I say this is a border state governor. No one has to introduce me to this issue. We’ve the largest port in the Western Hemisphere in the state of California. We live this. And I think it is a disgrace what the Republican Party’s doing, what Donald Trump is doing. And this is hidden in plain sight. He sent out a tweet or some truth whatever saying, “Kill it.”

And these guys are so weak. How emb– it’s just so pathetically weak, this Republican Party. And the new speaker said “Oh yes, sir. What else would you like us to do? We don’t care about America. We don’t care about our freedoms and liberties. We care about politics exclusively at the expense of the American people. It’s all we care about is winning for winning’s sake.” That is shameful.

It is shameful, but since none of them are capable of feeling shame, they don’t care. They’ll do what Dear Leader demands because they’re all a bunch of spineless weasels that are scared to death of him, their own base, and as Newsom said, they care about staying in power above all else.

I’m waiting to see how Fox and the other wingnut stations try to spin this one if Trump succeeds in killing the deal. My guess is they’ll just lie and try to blame it on Democrats and ignore what Trump did.

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