Noonan Warns Democrats Not To 'Overplay Their Hand' On Abortion

Peggy Noonan proves once again she’s very bad at giving political advice, especially to Democrats. After basically admitting that Trump doesn’t actually give a hoot about the issue of abortion and that everything is “transactional” to him, Nooners had some words of warning for Democrats about not running too hard on the issue between now and November on this Sunday’s Meet the Press:

KRISTEN WELKER: Arguably, I think one of the biggest X factors as we sit here today is the issue of abortion. In your report, Carol, you also say abortion could make up the margin of difference in this case. Peggy, how do you see this? Trump has tried to sort of have it a number of different ways. He says Arizona went too far. But he’s not going to sign a national ban. How do you see this playing out?

PEGGY NOONAN: Look: Donald Trump has always been transactional. Oddly enough, I think a lot of his pro-life supporters understood he was transactional, didn’t mind it, because they liked the transaction.

I think we’re watching Donald Trump every day try to get from under the implications of his own act, having set up the process by which Roe v. Wade was removed. Trump wanted its return to the states.

The states seem to have made an awkward mess of it in some respects. He wants to get away from the mess. And so now he’s doing what he does. He’s a transactional fellow.

One thing I would tell the Democrats: I sense that they are just going, “Abortion. Abortion. Abortion.” That’s the plan for the next six months. That’s not going to look so great. Don’t overplay your hand. They’ve got public opinion at the moment, but –

Which was immediately shot down by Eugene Robinson.

KRISTEN WELKER: What about that?

EUGENE ROBINSON: Well, it looks like a pretty strong hand to me. I mean, if you look at elections that have taken place, the referenda on reproductive rights, elections in which candidates were on different sides of the abortion issue since the demise of Roe v. Wade, they have gone pretty heavily toward the Democrats.

And I think this is something that the Republican party is going to have to try to figure out. How do they get to where the American people are on abortion? Which is basically acknowledgment of a constitutional right.

KRISTEN WELKER: Yeah. A lot of Republicans talking about how to do exactly that.

Republicans are trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding, but it doesn’t matter what they come up with. It’s not going to work. Democrats would be well advised to listen to whatever Peggy Noonan recommends, and then do the opposite.

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