Offer the Spirit of Christmas

Offer the Spirit of Christmas

Despite what you see on commercials, Christmas isn’t about presents or a jolly old man in a red suit. It’s also not about food, festive decorations, or family get-togethers – even though those are all wonderful things. At its core, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, the greatest man who ever lived.

His story is the greatest ever told because it empowers us to hold on to our faith in tough times, to believe that a light of hope can still burn bright even when our world seems dark. Many of us are spiritually empty and weighed down with burdens. And some of us are so worried about the direction of our lives that we’re afraid to hope for a better tomorrow.

Christmas music and decorations are wonderful traditions, but the best way to celebrate Christmas is to embody the character of Christ Himself. The reason for the season isn’t found under a mountain of wrapping paper. It’s found in the birth of Jesus Christ, and in our hearts through faith, love, and family. The Christmas spirit is about giving freely out of our abundance to someone in need. It’s about making other people’s dark world a little brighter.

How do you do that? As Jesus taught. Love your neighbor. Be joyful. Be a person of truth who strives for peace. And do your best to model goodness, gentleness, and self-control.

Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Offer people hope through the miracle of God’s grace. That is the true Spirit of Christmas.

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