Personal care brand Touchland sees 203% YoY sales increase in 2023

Personal care product brand Touchland has announced its most successful fiscal year since the brand was founded in 2016. At the end of 2023, the company saw a 203% YoY sales increase “with Q4 2023 outperforming Q4 2022 by an impressive 180%,” and ended the year with a sales increase of 28% from Q3 2023 to Q4 2023, according to a Touchland press release.

The brand owes its success in part to its sensational performance on social media platforms Tik Tok, Instagram and to its popularity with celebrity consumers like singer Christina Aguilera. To date, “in total (across both TikTok and Instagram) Touchland amassed 170M organic social media impressions and have a total combined following of 640K. Touchland has also achieved recent success with retailers, reporting “a 292% YoY growth at Sephora (overall growth in-store and online),” according to the release.

We interviewed Andrea Lisbona, founder and CEO of Touchland to learn more about Touchland’s evolutionary rise from personal care brand to self-care lifestyle company, including how the brand is an innovator and disruptor in its market share, the influences behind its product development process, and plans for further R&D in the personal care product space.

Founding the brand & recent success

Prior to launching Touchland, Lisbona came “from a family of entrepreneurs, so I knew when it came to my profession growing up, I needed to create something that would make a difference,” she shared. Upon her arrival to the US, she experienced “the unpleasantries of hand sanitizers, especially considering how important it is to our health,” which was an inspiration for her to create the brand.

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