Peter Navarro's Presser Interupted By 'Commie' Hecklers

Former White House adviser Peter Navarro’s press conference was interrupted Thursday after he was sentenced to four months in prison.

Following Thursday’s sentencing for contempt of Congress, Navarro attempted to argue his innocence to reporters outside the courthouse.

But as Navarro spoke, protesters quickly drowned him out with a cowbell and a whistle.

“I’m sorry for the video cameras, that you can’t get clean sound because of this,” Navarro complained. “But this is what — this is what has happened to this country. And it’s unfortunate that they won’t respect my First Amendment rights here.”

At one point, a member of Navarro’s entourage suggested he should take action against the “commies” protesting the press conference.

“This issue is simply about the constitutional separation of powers, executive privilege, and the integrity of presidential decision-making, and this is a principle that goes back to the days of George Washington,” a barely audible Navarro concluded.

Navarro has signaled he intends to appeal the four-month sentence. He said he would not seek a pardon if Donald Trump becomes president again.

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