Petty Rep. Scott Perry Wants To Cancel The State Of The Union

Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo spoke to Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry, who floated the idea of not inviting President Joe Biden to the State of the Union. Perry, who had his phone seized by the FBI, was part of the dumbass idea to push the Justice Department to falsely declare the 2020 election was fraudulent to help Donald Trump cling to power. As Frances Langum said, Google ‘Scott Perry’s phone’ to learn about the FBI seizing it. This guy is a poster child for what not to do in life, and that includes him being a petty jackass by urging Republicans not to invite Biden to address the nation.

The reason Republicans are using is that Biden missed the deadline to submit his budget proposal to Congress this year. However, House Republicans are so dysfunctional that they have failed to reach a funding agreement and the deadline is looming. And Perry mentioned the border issue.

“Maria, including the spending and certainly, including an address to the people from Congress,” Perry said. “He comes at the invitation of Congress. The Republicans are in charge of the House.”

Keep talking, buddy. You won’t be in charge for long.

“There’s no reason that we need to invite him to get more propaganda and to actually blame the American people for the crisis he caused,” he added. “We can spend the time reminding America that on day one, he countervailed the last administration’s policies that were securing our border. That’s what probably the top of my head is going to be for the next couple of weeks. That’s what probably the time would be better spent served using.”

The real reason is that Republicans’ feewings are hurt that Trump lost the election one thousand two hundred and ten days ago. They will never get over that. Like Trump, they would instead burn this country to the ground than be civil to the President.

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