Peugeot Inception is 671bhp super-GT to preview new EVs

Here it houses a 100kWh battery that’s claimed to be capable of 4.97 miles per kWh for a total range of 500 miles – far greater than any current Stellantis production EV.

Plus, being equipped with 800V charging hardware, it can top up at a rate of nearly 19 miles per minute, or more than 90 miles in five minutes. Notably, Peugeot claims it can do this using induction technology, negating the need for a cable – although this is a feature not yet confirmed for production cars.

Power – all 671bhp of it (making the Inception almost twice as powerful as the firm’s most potent production car) – is served up by a motor at each end for four-wheel drive and a sub-3.0sec 0-62mph time.

This hints at Peugeot’s plans to put engaging performance at the top of the priorities list for its flagship EVs in the future. Indeed, a big part of the brand’s reinvention is to offer “unrivalled driving sensations”, hence the concept’s lofty performance figures.

“Customers have high expectations of the electric car,” said product boss Jérôme Micheron. “Thanks to the new generation of our ‘BEV-by-design’ platforms dedicated to electric vehicles, we will meet their expectations.”

Together with the technical reinvention, the new platform also allowed for a rethink of Peugeot’s conventional design cues, and so the Inception does away with the traditional long-bonnet, three-box silhouette associated with saloons.

Styled to suit “the digital world” with sharp, crisp body lines and striking LED lighting, the Inception’s design embodies a dual focus on athleticism and cabin space.

The expansive greenhouse stretches almost end to end, leaving room for just a small ‘bonnet’ ahead of the front axle, and falls away sharply at the rear for a shooting brake-style profile. This, together with the removal of all physical controls and a traditional dashboard, maximises interior space for a grand tourer experience with optimal leg room and forward visibility.

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