Pirro Pulls A Trump, Confuses Him For Jason Miller

On Fox News’ The Five, co-host Jeanine Pirro took a page from Trump’s confused and mentally disturbed state of mind when she thought James Carville referred to her lord and savior as a Nazi, when the former Clinton advisor specifically attributed that to Trump advisor Jason Miller.

James Carville did describe Trump as a “wretched human being” to Ari Melber for being convicted of rape and on that we can all agree.

Carville discussed the Beltway media’s attempt to present the traitorous ex-president as normal and reiterated that nothing is normal about Trump and his candidacy.

Cue up Boozer McPirro.

“You know, Carville is worried about Donald Trump being normalized. I have news for him. Donald Trump was normalized in 2020 when he was elected president of the United States,” she said. “Who did he kill? Where is the genocide?”

What a stupid twit.

Trump lost the 2020 election but I guess she got confused. Take another drink.


(Nazis were religious, authoritarian white supremacists and Trump has shaped his MAGA evangelical base into a similar cult.)

Pirro then launched into a typical conservative grievance package to reiterate her disdain for the Biden administration.

“Our people have been spit on, thrown out of restaurants. They were told to get in our, you want to talk unhinged? Maxine Waters is unhinged.

“So I’m sick of their saying that we’re a threat to democracy,” she whined.

“They’re a threat to my democracy. They’re a threat to my first amendment, my second amendment, my religious freedoms as a parent as being called a domestic terrorist. Now they want to put illegals in my home.”

She’s got the whining down pat. And I’m willing to bet that she’s already got undocumented workers all over her home so she doesn’t pay taxes on their behalf.

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