Project 2025: Blueprint For A Christian Nationalist America

Project 2025 is a blueprint for a Christian Nationalist America in a second Trump Administration. The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, created a policy for an authoritarian version of America. The Heritage Foundation partnered with over 100 extreme right-wing organizations to publish the over 800-page plan. The “Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise,” positions itself as a presidential transition plan.

But the transition project shows the drastic changes President Donald Trump would put into place in 2025. The goal of the GOP policy is to enforce the religious beliefs of a small minority on all Americans. The new conservative administration program would give the White House dictator-like powers. Under his new presidency Trump says he’ll use the FBI to punish his rivals like current President Joe Biden and Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Project 2025 Overview

Here are a handful of the many plans in the extreme Republican policy for Trump’s presidency.

Gut Government Civil Service and Replace with Trump Loyalists

The blueprint will gut federal agencies, replacing civil servants with MAGA loyalists. One example of the changes to the American government is to destroy the Department of Education. The Bucks County Beacon notes that Project 2025 wants to end public education as we know it.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

The extremist Republican plan calls for a national Abortion ban. Vox reports that Project 2025 would “rescind FDA approval of mifepristone (used in medication abortion)” and “prosecute those who send abortion pills by mail.”

The outlet reported on changes at the United States Department of Health and Human Services. HHS will become the “Department of Life,” with “pro-life task force” installed. Rolling Stone noted the many ways the GOP plan will control and surveil women under Trump.

Crush LGBTQ Rights

Project 2025 takes a hammer to LGBTQ rights, and the plan is nightmare fuel for anyone who is queer or transgender.

Media Matters reported the plan will “eliminate federal protections for queer people and pursue research into conversion therapies.” The outlet noted the new policies will “criminalize being transgender and prohibit federal programs from supporting queer people.”

America Needs to Pay Attention

The GOP’s plan for Trump’s second term contains many alarming elements. We will explore more details of Project 2025 over the coming weeks. The Project 2025 will smash many of the Biden Administration policies and destroy many norms of American life.

Project 2025 seems like the dystopian novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. In Atwood’s book, a hard-line Christian theocracy violently suppresses women and minority rights. However, Donald Trump will enact this plan if he wins the 2024 election.

Here is a great video from the Courier Newsroom that outlines some of the GOP plans in the Project 2025 policy.

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