Randy Rainbow: Look At Me, I'm MTG

“Look at me, I’m MTG. Lousy with stupidity,” he sings. “Trashy as hell, I can’t math, read or spell, oh well! I’m MTG!”

Source: The Wrap

After going eight months between parody songs, Randy Rainbow is back just 10 days after his last one with a new tune, this time targeting Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Instead of starting his video as an anchor for “Fake News Channel,” Rainbow instead appears as an anchor for “60 MAGATS,” joking that Greene was told he’s actually Leslie Stahl in order to get the “interview.”

“It’s rare for a member of the House of Representatives to become nationally well-known,” he says seriously. “Unless, of course, that member is a f—ing lunatic like my next guest, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Or MTG, as she more commonly refers to herself when she can’t remember her full name.”

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