Rep. Stansbury: Trump's 'Long Arm And Little Hands' All Over Impeachment

All kidding aside, Stansbury made some important points about how Trump is the “grand puppet master” of the Republicans’ baseless impeachment hearing.

Stansbury pointed to a blow up of a Trump social media post calling for Biden’s impeachment as her first piece of evidence. “We also know that he’s been directly coordinating with members of this committee,” Stansbury continued, this time citing a New York Times quote from Marjorie Taylor Greene saying, “I did brief him on the strategy that I want to see laid out with impeachment.”

Stansbury moved on to connect the impeachment to the looming government shutdown, also directed by Trump. She pointed to another of his posts calling for a government shutdown and retweeted by his loyalists.

Then she got to the most important point: that the real goals of both the impeachment and the shutdown are to defund and sabotage the criminal prosecutions against Trump. This time, Stansbury displayed a Trump post saying that impeaching Biden is his “last chance to defund” the criminal prosecutions against him. Of course, only two of Trump’s four felony indictments are from the federal government but maybe there’s some MAGA plan in the wings for the other two.

“We see the long arm but the little hands of Mr. Donald Trump, whose fingerprints are all over this hearing and this sham impeachment,” Stansbury summed up. But Americans “are not going to be fooled by what’s happening here today, and especially as they shut the government down in two days with catastrophic impacts for our communities.”

So if you miss a paycheck or can’t get help with your Social Security next week, don’t just blame the Republicans but blame their puppet master, too, for putting Trump’s welfare over yours.

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