Republican Has Some Truly Lame Excuses For NY-03 Rout

Florida Republican Rep. Mike Waltz weighed in on Fox Business after Democrat Tom Suozzi flipped a seat that Long Island fabulist George Santos vacated. As Susie Madrak said, the special elections’ win is a good harbinger for November. Republicans are not facing reality about the loss, so they’ll probably lose more seats while figuring out where they went wrong.

“You know, the New York special election that took place yesterday, the Democrat won, even though the Republican was pushing the immigration issue front and center,” Fox Business anchor David Asman said. “Why do you think that happened?”

It was them gosh durned mail-in ballots that done ’em in!

“Well, I think when we unpack that, that’s going to have a lot more to do with mail-in ballots and with early voting and a storm happening the day of voting, where most of our voters vote,” the big dummy said. “So I think that’s going to be more of a turnout story than it is an issue story.”

“But the Democrat was talking about the border, too,” he continued. “Everybody’s talking about the border. And at the end of the day, we have to hold someone accountable.”

Republicans are the least self-aware people on Earth.

“I would ask my colleagues, if you had an attorney general that just disagreed with the law, refused to enforce it, like a lot of these Soros local prosecutors, would we just say, oh, well?” he said as if he couldn’t stop himself. “No, we would take action. And that’s what the American people are demanding we do.”

That bonehead.

Republicans have let the leader of their party tell lies about mail-in voting and early voting, so it’s on them if they can’t inspire their base to cast ballots. They’ve tried to make voting more difficult. The reason is that they know that more votes slim down their chances of winning. In 2020, Trump allies advised conservatives to sit out the runoff elections. They told them not to vote.

In contrast, Democrats want to make voting easier for constituents. This isn’t hard to figure out.

And since he brought up immigration, voters noticed that Republicans wussied out of passing the recent border bill.

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