Republican Senator Drops Truth Bomb Against Trump On Newsmax

Senator James Lankford (R-OK) is on the cable news circuit to defend the Senate’s newly released border bill. While jockeying back-and-forth with Newsmax hosts, the Oklahoma lawmaker dropped some truth bombs on the malignant propaganda being spewed against the deal.

Rob Finnerty, co-host of Wake Up America tried to destroy the bill using a Breitbart article, naming Secretary Mayorkas as one of the administration officials helping to author the bill.

“Breitbart said that the White House and Democrats used Alejandro Mayorkas as a sounding board for some of the language in this bill, and I’m just wondering how you can in good conscious put a bill forward and expect republicans in the house to vote for this one,” Finnerty chimed. “Alejandro Mayorkas helped author portions of the bill.”

This is of no consequence, but since MAGA Republicans are trying to impeach Mayorkas anything that is even rumored he has touched is off limits for these creeps.

“We are writing the bill,” Sen. Lankford promised.

And then he dropped a truth bomb.

“But I would also remind folks during the Trump administration we also had days of more than 4,000 people that were illegally crossing the border under the trump administration in 2019,” Lankford said “And they were struggling because there’s gaps and loopholes in the law.”

Lankford was immediately interrupted by Finnerty, but he made a strong case in support of the bill he co-authored.

Republicans no longer understand how to say yes to the win. There are things in this bill that Democrats would never agree to under normal circumstances, but the need for Ukraine funding is so urgent that they’ve given in to Republicans’ nativist and cruel tendencies. The whole idea of “closing the border” during “emergencies” would, for example, never be considered. The idea of NOT having a provision for DREAMers getting a pathway to citizenship wouldn’t be considered. But because their Lord and Savior Trump wants an issue for the 2024 election, Republicans have decided to tank their own bill.

Except, anyway, for one lonely Senator out there defending it.

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