Republican Senator Rick Scott will run for Herschel Walker in Georgia this Week

Florida senator Rick Scott will be traveling to Georgia Tuesday to support GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker. Walker’s campaign is currently in turmoil following reports that Walker asked two women to end their pregnancies.

Scott’s move highlights how crucial the race in Georgia with a 50-50 split within the US Senate. Scott is the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (the Senate Republican campaign arm).

“The Democrats want this country to be destroyed, and they will destroy anyone who stands in their way.” Scott released a statement Saturday saying that Herschel Walker is today’s target, but the American people will be there tomorrow. “I stand proudly with Herschel and let Georgians know that I will fight for them against the forces trying to destroy Georgia’s values and economy, led Raphael Warnock.”

Walker’s opponent is Georgia Democratic Senator Warnock.

The Daily Beast reported Friday that Walker paid for an abortion of a woman in 2009. The woman claimed that Walker requested her to end a second child two years later. She refused and their relationship ended.

Walker, who stated in May that he supported a complete ban on abortions with no exceptions has denied the earlier report by The Daily Beast and called the allegation “flat-out lies.”

Warnock stated that Walker had “problems with the truth” earlier Saturday.

“It’s up to the Georgia voters. Warnock stated that it is not up to him and not mine. “We know my opponent is not telling the truth. We’ll watch how this all plays out. But I am focused on the health needs of my constituents, which includes reproductive health care.

Chris Hartline, the spokesperson for the NRSC, stated that the organization would “have a large presence in Georgia in its final stretch.”

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton will be also in Georgia on Tuesday to support Walker.

Caroline Tabler, Cotton’s communications director stated that Senator Cotton was heading to Georgia Tuesday to campaign for Herschel and help Republicans win back the Senate. He believes Herschel will be a champion in Georgia, who will vote to keep violent criminals behind bars, to lower gas prices, as well as to end Joe Biden’s inflationary policy.”

The Washington Post reported for the first time about Scott and Cotton’s Georgia trip.

GOP Rep. Don Bacon (who is up for reelection in a Nebraska swing district) told NBC that he supports Walker.

Kristen Welker, “Meet the Press”: Bacon said that “I sure do”,

He said, “Hershel must be transparent and honest.” We all make mistakes. It’s better to apologize if it did happen and request forgiveness.

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