Researchers find an image that resembles a 50-foot megalodon shark. It turns out to be a large school of mackerel

Recent research on sharks in the northwest Atlantic revealed a form that led researchers to temporarily believe the extinct megalodon shark is still swimming in deep waters.

Atlantic Shark Institute shared the image taken by its fishfinder to its social media accounts. Researchers estimated that the megalodon was approximately 50 feet in length and weighed 40 tons.

“Does there exist the Meg?” The organization inquired. “We were all amused when this shape appeared on our fish finder for several hours during a shark research trip.”

The researchers were not thrilled to see the monstrous sea creature return, but their excitement was short-lived as the shape proved to be quite different.

“We waited for the rod to turn on. The institute stated that the shape began to change into an Atlantic mackerel school after about 15 minutes, much to our dismay.

“So close but so far!” it continued. “The Megalodon (Otodus Megalodon) disappeared over 3 million years ago. It will probably stay that way for the foreseeable future, but we were a bit confused for a while and thought he was back!”

Megalodon, the supreme predator of the seas was 50 feet long and weighed as much as 120,000 lbs.

There are many theories about how the huge shark died.

One theory is that the megalodon was driven to extinction by the great white, a smaller

and more agile cousin.

Others suggest that the megalodon died out due to an explosion star around 2.6 million years old.

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