Robin Vos Throws Redistricting Hail Mary Pass

Following the timeline set forth by the Wisconsin Supreme Court when they ruled the current maps to be illegal, seven different redistricting maps were submitted to the court a couple of weeks ago and are currently being analyzed by their designated independent specialists.

In the meantime, Speaker Robin Vos and his Republicans have been losing their ever-loving minds. In a last ditch effort to bypass the state supreme court, they attempted to do a Hail Mary to keep their supermajorities in both houses. In other words, they took a map loosely based on a map submitted by Governor Evers a couple of years ago and tweaked it just enough to avoid any Republican incumbents from having to run against each other. They rammed these maps through both houses, without any input from the Democrats or from the public, and submitted them to Evers. Evers said that this blatant attempt to maintained their gerrymandered supermajorities were dead before they get to his desk:

Assembly Republicans voted Wednesday to send a set of legislative maps to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ desk that they argue make “minuscule” changes to his own proposal, with the intent of avoiding pitting GOP incumbents against each other.

Evers has pledged to reject them.

“My promise to the people of Wisconsin is that I’d fight for fair maps, so I’ll be vetoing the maps passed by Republicans today,” the governor said on X, formerly Twitter. “Moving legislative district lines so GOP-gerrymandered incumbents get to keep their seats is just more gerrymandering. Basic stuff, folks.”

It’s kinda funny how the Republicans are in such a panic since, according to Vos, they run so much superior candidates for office. So what are they afraid of?

Well, they are afraid that while most of tthe maps would still yield a Republcan majority in both houses, all of them would greatly reduce the size of their majority. This would require them to actually work with their Democratic colleagues and, even worse to them, actually represent the people. Much like their national counterparts, Wisconsin Republicans are not able to govern, only dictate.

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