RoJo Rips Biden's China Policy All The Way To The Bank

Senator Ron Johnson (R-China) went on Fox to rip on President Joe Biden. RoJo, as usual, was all over the place and serving up a jumbo-sized word salad, but his primary focus was claiming that Biden’s policy towards China was, like everything else he could think of, was causing division and strife between Americans and making America weaker in the eyes of its enemies, like China.

What RoJo somehow must have forgotten to mention was that even while he was casually tossing out one accusation after another, he’s been raking in tens of millions of dollars from his own business ties with China:

The Wisconsin Republican senator Ron Johnson, a vocal critic of Beijing who has vowed to launch investigations into the Biden family’s alleged relationships with Chinese businesses, declared $57m in income in his first 10 years in office in connection to his ownership stake in a company whose growth has closely been linked to China.

Financial disclosures show the senator’s wealth has sharply increased during his years running for and serving in the Senate thanks to his holding in Oshkosh-based Pacur, a plastics maker where Johnson previously served as top executive.

That’s bad enough, but wait. Because there’s more. There’s always more.

Not only does RoJo have a financially symbiotic relationship with China, his reason for wanting to be so compromised is stunning – they’re more stable than a democracy:

The millionaire Senate candidate ruminated during an Aug. 30 appearance on the Wisconsin Radio Network about how “the climate for business investment is far more certain in communist China than it is in the U.S. here.”

But Johnson doesn’t just pontificate about how dictatorships are better for business. He has bought into the theory — in a big way.

Hmm. That kind of attitude could go a long way in explaining why he was so involved with Trump’s attempt to overthrow the election and democracy after the 2020 election. He saw his role in causing the most divisiveness in the country since the Civil War as just trying to improve the business climate.

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