Rudy Giuliani Serves Up Some Revisionist History On Reagan And Iran

Rudy Giuliani gave the viewers over on Newsmax TV some ridiculous revisionist history on how Ronald Reagan would have handled things if he was president during the drone attack launched by Iran against Israel this Saturday. Here’s Giuliani speaking to host Ed Henry as U.S. military forces and others in the region helped Israel intercept almost all of the 300 drones that were launched.

GIULIANI: I really do think we’re missing an opportunity, a historic opportunity here, If we had a president like my old boss in the White House. Every time I was mayor and I had to make a difficult decision, I would say, “What would Ronald Reagan do?”

I know what Ronald Reagan would do right now. He would have hit Iran before their first missile got to Israel. And he would have taken out every nuclear facility he could. He would have been trying to look for an opportunity to do that for years.

Now, we take out their nuclear facilities, here’s what the traitors who run our government say. They’ll say, “Oh, they’ll just build it back up again.” Well that will take them 10 years to do. Also, if you really know what is going on inside Iran, if we were to hit them before they hit us, it would destroy them. They obviously are a frightened enemy. You wouldn’t do an attack like this unless you were timid.

The best thing to do with a frightened enemy is knock them out. The best defense is a bold offense. This is our opportunity to end the reign of terror that we should have been looking for, and we’re not doing it because our president is hiding somewhere. It’s intolerable that we have a president that cannot address the nation at a time like this. It’s intolerable. Not acceptable. What kind of people are we that we allow someone like this to be our president?

Conservatives love to play this game. We saw Tom Cotton do the same thing on Fox last year. As Jon Perr wrote here back in 2013, we don’t need to speculate on how Reagan would have handled Iran. “We know what he actually did.” That won’t stop them from spewing the same nonsense over and over again.

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