Russia State TV Claims Mike Johnson As 'Our Johnson'

Everything is going swimmingly because Speaker Mike Johnson went down to Mar-a-Lago to get his marching orders from Trump that under no circumstances should he let Ukraine get any military aid from the United States. And the Russians approve of this message.

Source: Newsweek

Russian state-run media host recently referred to House Speaker Mike Johnson as “our Johnson” while discussing the continued stalling of military aid to Ukraine.

Johnson, a Louisiana Republican who ascended to the speakership after the ousting of Kevin McCarthy in October, has long pledged to put forward a bill to approve further rounds of military aid to Ukraine in its ongoing war against Russia. Such a bill has been routinely advocated for by President Joe Biden, with Ukrainian leaders warning that they will lose the war without it.
On Friday, Julia Davis, founder of the Russia Media Monitor watchdog group, shared a clip from one of the Moscow’s state-run news programs, in which pundits touched on a planned meeting between Johnson and former President Donald Trump at the latter’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, with one guest suggesting that Trump’s influence could be the deciding factor in the fate of further aid to Ukraine.

During the discussion, host Olga Skabeeva interjected into the conversation about the House speaker to say, “That would be our Johnson.”

And some more from the lovely Olga:

“Johnson is not only an extreme-right Trump supporter, [he] always voted against aid to Ukraine and made corresponding statements that were considered to be anti-Ukrainian . . . Where Ukraine is concerned, it’s sufficient to look at Johnson’s ratings with respect to his support of Ukraine. His rating is very poor! This means that all of this suits us well.”

Skabeeva proceeded to make a prediction as to what Johnson would do: “With a Trump fanatic as speaker, the bill . . . that was proposed by Biden definitely will not pass. Johnson will simply not put it up for a vote!”

Apparently pleased with Johnson, Skabeeva described him as “our Johnson”

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