ScapesMania Integrates Casual Gaming with Blockchain Technology

[PRESS RELEASE – Seychelles, Mahe, April 19th, 2024]

ScapesMania, a new project in the blockchain space, is set to engage with the burgeoning casual gaming market, which is projected to reach $19.12 billion by 2027 according to industry forecasts.

Overview of ScapesMania

Inspired by successful blockchain gaming projects during previous bullish market cycles, ScapesMania combines traditional gaming experiences with blockchain technology, creating a dual Web2 and Web3 ecosystem. This platform provides engaging gaming experiences while offering various rewards for participants.

Key Metrics of $MANIA

  • Total Supply: 4 billion $MANIA
  • Circulating Supply: 1.68 billion $MANIA
  • Market Cap: $8.23 million
  • Holder Count: 18,820

Performance Overview

Since its launch, ScapesMania has achieved the following:

  • Amassed over $6.125 million in its presale.
  • Attracted 18,820 holders.
  • Recorded $2.5 million in trading volume on its first day on an exchange.
  • Featured on DEXTools’ Hot Pairs list at launch.
  • Achieved a 147.7% price increase in under three weeks.
  • Garnered over 60,000 followers across social media platforms.

Utility of $MANIA

$MANIA token serves multiple functions within the ScapesMania ecosystem:

  • DAO Governance: Allows community members to vote on project-related decisions.
  • Token Staking: Provides incentives for token holders to lock their tokens for a period to get rewards.
  • Engagement Rewards: Rewards community participation with additional tokens.
  • In-Game Assets: Utilized as in-game currency and can also be obtained as rewards by players.
  • Ecosystem Currency: Used across forthcoming projects within the ScapesMania ecosystem.


$MANIA has a fixed supply of 4 billion tokens, with 320 million designated for community rewards. The token distribution includes mechanisms such as cliffs and vesting to maintain a balanced supply and demand.

Source: ScapesMania’s Whitepaper

Market Potential and Strategic Development

ScapesMania is entering a competitive and growing casual gaming industry. The project is actively developing its first gaming venture, which includes a staking program and DAO governance integration, in partnership with skilled developers and an award-winning studio.

Source: ScapesMania’s Whitepaper

Community Engagement

The development of ScapesMania has been significantly supported by a dedicated community, contributing to its early achievements and continued growth.

Acquiring $MANIA

To acquire $MANIA tokens, users can visit the ScapesMania website, connect their digital wallets, select the desired token pair, specify the amount, and confirm the transaction.

About ScapesMania

ScapesMania offers a gaming ecosystem that appeals to both casual gamers and crypto enthusiasts. It enables players to enjoy immersive gameplay without extensive crypto knowledge, while providing token holders the opportunity to influence the project’s trajectory through active participation in its governance.

For more information, please visit ScapesMania’s official website.


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