Silent Witness viewers confused by Hermione Norris cameo

Silent Witness XXVII,12-02-2024,Kings Cross,9,CS Sheila Court (HERMIONE NORRIS), DI Steve Tudor (NEIL PEARSON) & Dr Gabriel (AKI OMOSHAYBI),BBC Studios,Gary Moyes

Hermione Norris appeared in Silent Witness as CS Sheila Court. (BBC)

What did you miss?

Silent Witness fans have revealed they kept confusing Hermione Norris’ police officer character for the spy she played in Spooks.

The actor is well known for playing Ros Myers in Spooks, which was about a counter-terrorism division in MI5 and ran from 2002 to 2011. But on Monday night (12 February) she appeared in BBC crime drama Silent Witness as Chief Superintendent Sheila Court.

While fans said she “slayed” it in the hit series, it seems some couldn’t help seeing her as Ros.

What, how, and why?

Norris made her appearance as CS Court as the team were called to King’s Cross Station Museum, where eight victims had been discovered entombed.

Hermione Norris FILMING SPOOKS IN PALL MALL WITH GUN  in newspaper, (credit image © Jack Ludlam)

Hermione Norris starred in Spooks. (Jack Ludlam)

She was joined by fellow guest star Neil Pearson, best known for playing sub-editor Dave Charnley in Drop The Dead Donkey. He was in the Silent Witness episode as Detective Inspector Steve Tudor, who was helping to investigate the grisly case.

Fans were distracted from all the action by the two famous cameos, with many flocking to X to comment.

“I find it a bit harder than usual to believe this Silent Witness investigation when it’s being run by a spy and a TV journalist,” wrote one.

“I am loving Hermione Norris in this, but keep thinking she is her MI5 alter ego and has moved into a new uniform,” said someone else. “Come on Hermione you’ve come across plenty of serial killers before,” said another fan.

“Hermione Norris is great,” one viewer posted, adding: “Competent cops for a change.” “Delighted to see Hermione Norris back on my screen,” commented another fan. “She should never be off it as far as I’m concerned.”

Silent Witness XXVII,12-02-2024,Kings Cross,9,DI Steve Tudor (NEIL PEARSON),BBC Studios,Gary Moyes

Neil Pearson played DI Tudor in the crime show. (BBC)

Silent Witness viewers suspicious of guest star

Pearson also got a lot of attention, but for a different reason, with plenty of viewers wondering if his character was going to be unveiled as the killer. Some said the fact he previously played less than squeaky clean characters in shows like Between The Lines and All The Small Things made them suspicious of DI Tudor.

“Right I know he’s supposed to be a good guy but when I can only see Neil Pearson as the cheating husband from All The Small Things, I keep accidentally giving him the side eye,” said one person on X.

Another remarked: “He’s still shifty from Between The Lines honestly. I’m suspecting he’s the serial killer.”

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