Slotkin calls for “new blood” in Democratic Party, but she says that she will support Biden if Biden runs in 2024

Michigan Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin said Sunday that the Democratic Party needed “new blood” in Washington. However, she reiterated her support for President Joe Biden should he decide to run for reelection.

He’s the current President. Slotkin said that if he wants to run again, I will support him. The party will also support him.”

She continued, “I’ve been vocal, even with my leadership at the House. We need a new generation, new blood – period, across all the Democratic Party in the Hous, the Senate, and the White House.” We will support the President of the United States if he decides to run.

Slotkin’s comments came as Biden supporters are starting to warm up to the idea of him running for another term.

Biden, who is the oldest president of all time, tends to have a more relaxed schedule than his predecessors. This has raised questions about how large a campaign he would engage in. According to the most recent Polls, his approval rating was 39% and 52% disagreed.

People within and around President Trump’s orbit would like him to decide for 2023 when he returns from his traditional Biden family Christmas.

“Look, I intend to run again, just as I stated at the beginning. It’s only an intention. But will it be a decision to run again? It remains to be seen,” Biden stated recently when asked if he would run.

Slotkin was a CIA analyst and served three tours in Iraq with the US military before becoming a member in 2019. She has not hesitated to criticize the White House over policy. This is similar to what she did last summer when she criticized the administration’s earlier forecasts that the worst of this inflation crisis was over.

She’s not the only one who says she would support the President. Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Rep. who is a strong supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders 2020 and a frequent opponent of what she sees as Biden’s moderation has said that Biden “should” run and that “we will support him.”

Others are less clear. Sources have revealed that more Capitol Hill elected officials than ever before are still undecided about whether Biden should run again. They also claim that many others support Biden’s run but are afraid of the political consequences.

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