Snow Savior

Snow Savior

Opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives are all around you. All you need are an open heart and a willingness to act.

A person just like that rescued Shannon Jones after she got lost in a blizzard in the middle of Saskatchewan. Somewhere along her 25-mile drive to work Shannon became disoriented in whiteout conditions and got lost. She called 911 but was told no one could get to her. Shannon had no choice but to wait out the storm. Legitimately concerned for her safety, she pinned her location on Google maps and alerted people about her situation on social media.

Several hours later, word of Shannon’s predicament made its way to 80-year-old Andre Bouvier, who lived nearby. Andre decided that even if no one else could or would help, he would. He first planned to go after her with his tractor. When that failed, he grabbed a flashlight and headed out on foot. Not only did he locate Shannon, he found people in two other vehicles who were also stranded. Andre led all seven back to his home. He and his wife fed them, talked with them, and supplied blankets, pillows, and dry clothing so they could feel comfortable. All seven went from a 24-hour fight for survival to an evening of safety and comfort. Why? Because someone who could do something did do something.

To make a difference in your world, live with a heart that’s open to others … and be willing to do something about it.

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