South Florida’s Major Haitian Art Exhibit on Display at NSU Art Museum

NSU Art Museum’s Cosmic Mirrors exhibition, showcasing a stunning collection of Haitian artworks from the 1950s to the 2000s, will remain available for public viewing through Feb. 4. It will feature a wide range of 27 Haitian artists, including Serge Jolimeau, Pascale Monnin, and Frantz Zéphirin, as well as some of the most notable masters of the Haitian Renaissance, such as Roland Dorcely, Néhémy Jean, Louisiane Saint Fleurant and Ismael Saincilus. These artists have significantly shaped the country’s modernist aesthetic through their ateliers, movements, and markets. 

The exhibition is curated almost entirely from the museum’s extensive collection of over 160 Haitian artworks. It offers a unique opportunity to view some of the museum’s most significant artworks connected to Haiti’s rich culture. Viewers are thematically guided across facets of Haiti’s political history and creative abundance. The exhibition showcases depictions of the nation’s founding, spiritual syncretism, and lush terrain, all presented in a romantic and pastoral idyll. Additionally, Cosmic Mirrors showcases a selection of recently donated gifts to the museum’s collection, which enriches its representation of Haitian culture and aligns with the museum’s mission to reflect and engage with the culture and communities that define our region.

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