Specialty chemicals company introduces new polymer for skin cleansing product formulations

Earlier this month, Lubrizol Beauty, the Beauty business team at The Lubrizol Corporation, a chemical company that provides specialty chemicals for the industrial and consumer markets like cosmetics and personal care products, introduced a newly released polymer for cleansing formulation manufacturing. The new polymer, Carbopol SC-800, is designed for mild and sulfate-free product formulations, is the latest release from the company who “partners with customers and industry leaders to deliver a beautiful skin experience, providing consumers with trending solutions, substantiated benefits and superior sensory enjoyment​,” said Jessica Becker, Global Skin Cleansing Market Manager at LLS Beauty.

To learn more about Carbopol SC-800 Polymer, including background information about the research, development, and formulation process, the industry pain points this new polymer release can potentially solve for manufacturers and suppliers of personal care products, and Lubrizol Beauty’s plans for further innovation and development using this ingredient technology, CosmeticsDesign spoke to Becker for her insights.

Formulating & launching Carbopol SC-800 Polymer

When the Lubrizol Beauty applications team began developing a new polymer for personal beauty product formulation, researchers focused on “a strong need we heard from our customers in the market for skin cleansing​,” said Becker. “In the skin cleansing market​,” she shared further, “we saw a need for clarity, suspension and thickening in a wide range of challenging surfactant systems​.” Therefore, it was the Lubrizol Beauty applications team’s goal to “optimize Carbopol SC-800 polymer to offer all the benefits expected in low pH, mild amino acid surfactants, and soap-based formulas​.”

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