Switzerland’s Rise as the Global Crypto Hub: Özcan Köme Unveils the Secrets Behind the Nation’s Blockchain Dominance

[PRESS RELEASE – Zurich, Switzerland, September 13th, 2023]

Swiss blockchain expert Özcan Köme has outlined his reasoning on why Switzerland reigns supreme within the crypto sector. The DeFi enthusiast believes there to be a number of factors why the European country has become the go-to hub for such emerging technologies.

Köme cites the nation’s unique combination of regulatory clarity, supportive business environment, and technological infrastructure in making it a contender for the title of the world’s crypto capital. In particular, he credits the robust regulatory framework that is in place. Switzerland’s proactive and well-defined regulatory approach to crypto businesses has been a game-changer. The Swiss Authority has established clear guidelines that not only promote growth but also ensure investor protection.

Nestled in Zug, the Crypto Valley has transformed into a worldwide hub for blockchain startups, boasting over 800 companies related to crypto and blockchain. This ecosystem encourages collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing, making it a magnet for global talent.

Other reasons Özcan Köme attributes to Switzerland’s preeminence as a blockchain hub include the country’s strong financial sector. Unlike many countries where banks are skeptical about the crypto industry, Swiss banks have embraced it. This positive banking environment ensures businesses have the necessary financial support to thrive.

He further notes the supportive local governments within the country. Many Swiss cantons accept Bitcoin as payment for certain services. Such initiatives reflect the wider acceptance and integration of crypto in daily life and governance. Moreover, Switzerland’s educational institutions, including the renowned ETH Zurich, are at the forefront of blockchain research, offering dedicated courses and fostering innovation through supportive incubators.

Finally, Özcan Köme points to the tax benefits of operating a crypto business in Switzerland. The country’s tax-friendly stance, including cantonal tax competitions and the absence of capital gains tax on personal income, makes it an attractive place for crypto investors and startups alike.

In the evolving landscape of crypto and blockchain, Switzerland consistently showcases its commitment to fostering a dynamic, supportive, and forward-thinking environment, he believes. The Swiss ethos aligns seamlessly with the very principles of blockchain: transparency, decentralization, and trust. To anyone considering venturing into crypto, whether as an entrepreneur, investor, or enthusiast, Switzerland’s vibrant ecosystem stands as a testament to what a nation can achieve with vision, strategy, and innovation.

About Özcan Köme

As a passionate advocate for blockchain technology and decentralized finance, Özcan Köme has dedicated years to understanding and contributing to the crypto world. Being a proud member of the Crypto Valley Association, his view of Switzerland as the premier crypto destination stems not just from market observations but from first-hand experiences in the heart of the movement.

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