That's A Lot Of White People At The 'Black Conservative' Gala

Every election cycle, Republicans are suddenly pandering to Black people. It’s as if they’d forgotten about an entire coveted voting bloc until they’re needed to win an election. Former President Donald Trump spoke at the Black Conservative Federation Gala in South Carolina on Friday, and a funny thing happened when a camera panned the audience. It reminded me of the photos from 2016 of white people wearing “Blacks for Trump” t-shirts.

Trump, who has been a racist for his entire life, appears to be speaking to a majority white audience. That probably explains why he said so much racist shit at the event. Also, he is painfully stupid.

The internet chimed in:


I’m so white I should have been named Whitey McWhiteFace, and I found Trump’s remarks last night to be hugely insulting. And last night was an example of Trump holding back. Imagine how he really feels. That’s an interesting way to celebrate Black history month.

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