The best used cars for enthusiasts

10. Porsche Panamera


Best luxury car

The question everybody asked when the Panamera launched was: Can it really do what is expected of a Porsche? It was a huge gamble when it launched, partly because Porsche had never made a four-door saloon before but also because the swooping, hatchback-bodied four-door had never been done before.

It basically created a sector, then, and to this day is one of its dynamic benchmarks. It can’t match a 911 for outright cornering appeal, but it still holds a candle to cars like the Jaguar XFR and Mercedes CLS. For the best drive, we would recommend the rear-wheel-drive S version.

While its looks divide opinion, it undeniably has road presence. It takes several design cues from the 911, including the shutline of its bonnet, the high-set front wings, and the falling side window line, and combines those with a 1231mm width – longer than the then Land Rover Discovery.

On the move, though, it doesn’t feel as large as that, with precise and fulsome steering shrink-wrapping the car around you and making it feel more like a four-door 911 than shrunk Cayenne.

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