The Blind Monk Makes its Debut at AKA West Palm

AKA West Palm has recently added The Blind Monk, a popular wine bar in West Palm Beach, to its wide range of amenities. The Blind Monk at AKA West Palm will now offer an all-day bistro experience, expanding its culinary concept beyond just a wine bar. This latest addition to AKA West Palm’s amenities is expected to provide an elevated dining experience to the AKA guests and the locals of Palm Beach. While preserving its distinctive features, such as the natural wine list, artisanal cheese program, and attentive service, The Blind Monk serves breakfast and brunch and is debuting an expanded dinner menu beginning in early May. The enhanced beverage program also features a full bar with a thoughtfully curated cocktail list. 

“The debut of The Blind Monk at AKA reflects our commitment to crafting memorable experiences for both guests and neighbors,” says Larry Korman, CEO of AKA. “In the search for a culinary partner for AKA West Palm, we specifically sought a restaurant with deep roots in the West Palm Beach community. The Blind Monk naturally stood out as the perfect choice.”

The Blind Monk’s sophisticated food selection, warm hospitality, and inviting atmosphere make it a popular spot among patrons. The restaurant takes pride in its menu, inspired by fresh flavors and ingredients. It emphasizes seasonal vegetables and local seafood, and many dishes are crafted for sharing to provide a unique culinary experience for diners. Some of The Blind Monk’s favorites, such as cheese boards, charred cauliflower, and chicken liver mousse, are featured on the menu. Meanwhile, the highlights of the new dish on the dinner menu include grilled swordfish skewers with black lentils and mussels escabeche with fried green plantains. The Blind Monk also serves breakfast, quickly becoming a new gathering place in Downtown West Palm. Patrons can enjoy sour cream pancakes, shakshuka, and avocado Toast for breakfast.

The Blind Monk bar maintains a diverse natural wine list and an innovative cocktail menu inspired by the classics. Some of the creative concoctions on offer include the Stubborn Jenny, an aperitivo that combines Pineau Des Charentes, ginger, and lime, and the Day Tripper, which features tequila, lime, grapefruit, paw-paw, and prickly pear.

The venue offers an atmosphere that blends modern sophistication and warmth, providing guests with a comfortable dining area, stylish bar, and cozy outdoor wine garden. The design is tasteful and suitable for any occasion, from casual gatherings to special celebrations. Upon arrival, guests may also notice a subtle music theme, with classic rock from the ’60s and ’70s playing in the background. The menu design is inspired by The Beatles’ Abbey Road album, adding a unique touch to the dining experience.

“When I first opened The Blind Monk, I aimed to create the place I wanted to come home to,” says Ben Lubin. “The new Blind Monk reflects how I have evolved over the past thirteen years. It is the neighborhood restaurant I want, and I hope it is the neighborhood restaurant you do, too.”

AKA West Palm opened its doors in November 2022, providing luxurious modern hospitality in the city’s central business district. Alongside this, the hotel also boasts a range of amenities, including AKA Pet Spa (powered by D is for Dog), a new Palm Beach branch of Body+Beauty Lab that opened in April, and a new concept set to launch later this spring called on Olive, which will offer gourmet specialties. The addition of The Blind Monk rounds out the hotel’s offerings, while Après AKA provides a curated selection of AKA gifts.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Pelley/The Blind Monk

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