The Future of Cryptocurrency: A Deep Dive into Bitcoin Spark and Dash

The cryptocurrency environment has had massive runs in recent years. The digital payment and transaction niche has taken over the financial industry. The industry has promoted decentralization and has evicted the third-party systems that contribute towards the centralization of the monetary systems, an example being central banks.

With innovations such as Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum, the virtual currency ecosystem has impacted the development of blockchain technology. Bitcoin pioneered digital currencies and has continued to rank among the top platforms in the sphere. Ethereum is also amongst the leading digital currencies as it integrated ETH2.0 after a major hard fork upgrade. Bitcoin Spark is the new entrant leading to massive adoption in the crypto ecosphere.

What is Dash?

Dash is a cryptocurrency developed to focus on peer-to-peer payments or P2P transactions. The digital currency utilizes a Hard fork generated from the Bitcoin source code. It is also an open-source network that seeks to promote faster transactions than the Bitcoin network.

The network is also attributed to a user-friendly and inexpensive platform accommodating all blockchain participants. The platform aims to make financial transactions using digital currencies instant and easy to utilize. Amongst the essential perks provided by Dash is the ability to provide anonymity in the blockchain ecosystem.

DASH and Its Prospects

Dash, developed using Bitcoin’s fork, signifies that the project seeks to integrate many systems that will improve scalability and transaction speeds.

The project utilizes the proof-of-work consensus mechanism where miners are selected to validate transitions and approve the addition of new blocks to the network. It will be a big relief to digital currency natives as an improvement in speed will favor more transitions, hence reducing transaction costs.

Bitcoin Spark Leads Crypto Mass Adoption

Cryptocurrency mass adoption has been advocated with other arising projects. Bitcoin Spark has seemed to be amongst the most exciting projects in blockchain technology. The platform has integrated the new mechanism (proof-of-process) to become pertinent in the digital currency ecosystem.

Platforms such as Cognitos and Vital Block have conducted an impressive and deep check of the organization’s smart contract and know your customer verification. The platform’s roadmap is also incredible, depicting a  future crypto project transforming the distributed ledger.


One of the most pertinent aspects of decentralized networks is that other networks have limits on translation speed, high transaction costs, lack of scalability, and mining centralization. Bitcoin Spark, the new crypto project, aims to increase the number of nodes to improve speed and reduce transaction costs.

The project also will enable each community member to partake in mining. This is done through the processing power provided by the validators. Individuals and organizations use GPU/CPU  power to solve intrinsic equations and render films. In addition, the network utilizes less power compared to other networks such as Bitcoin, hence making any lower-powered device partake in confirming new blocks.

Users who would like to participate in the project’s development must acquire an electrical device that can access up to 50MBPS. Moreover, the project is currently in phase 5 of its presale. and already depicts massive potential development.

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