The Wild World of Barbara Cartland Merch

In a recent bonus episode of the podcast (Join the SBTB Podcast Patreon!), I showed off my collection of Barbara Cartland puzzles to Sarah. That then led to a tangent about my curiosity and desire to accumulate more Barbara Cartland merchandise, of which there are some real winners.

But first, puzzles!

In the 80s, Waddingtons released four 555 piece puzzles of Barbara Cartland romance novel covers. I am currently in possession of three of them and desperately hoping I can eventually secure the fourth on Ebay or Etsy. The puzzles are:

The Secret of the Glen puzzle. A man and woman are in a green, flowery field with a black carriage in the background. he is wearing a tan suit jacket with a blue and red tartan kilt. He's wrapping a scarf around the woman who is in a fluffy pink dress.
The Secret of the Glen
The Taming of Lady Lorinda puzzle. A man and woman are in a ballroom. He is wearing a dark suit, reaching for her. She has red hair, piled atop her head and a yellow ballgown on. She's looking back at him.
The Taming of Lady Lorinda
The Pretty Horsebreakers puzzle. A man and woman ride side by side in a park on dark brown horses. He is wearing a dark brown and orange suit with a matching top hat. She is wearing a white riding dress and is side saddle. She has on a black hat.
The Pretty Horsebreakers

I’m missing A Kiss for the King, which features this image:

A Kiss for the King by Barbara Cartland. A woman in a blue dress and a man in a red soldier's uniform stand before two horses.

My hope is to modpodge and frame them once completed. I do worry that some pieces are missing, but one of them, at least, is still factory sealed.

During my searching, though, I’ve stumbled across other pieces of Barbara Cartland merch and I’m always tempted to buy them. The first and possibly the most famous is Barbara Cartland’s The Romance of Food with a striking pink cover and recipes that seem to make liberal use of a jello mould. It was published in 1984.

Barbara Cartland's The Romance of Food. A bubblegum pink cover. A heart shaped merengue in a pool of red syrup is on a white plate, adorned with hearts. Cherub statues and flower petals surround the plate.

I believe Cartland has more cookbooks and food-related titles, but nothing quite as interesting to me as The Romance of Food.

But did you also know that Barbara has a board game?! It’s aptly called Barbara Cartland: A Romance Boardgame and was released in 1985. In some listings, I’ve seen the description refer to Cartland as “an eccentric British author.”

The game is described as:

Enter a world filled with romance and royalty. Journey through the most glamorous and exotic settings of Regency Europe. Barbara Cartland: A Romance Game allows one or more players to create their own romance and adventure by overcoming obstacles and experience the ecstasies of true happiness.

Board Game Geek has a few photos of the game pieces, but I honestly have no clue how the game is played or how to “win.”

Do you own any Cartland merch? Can you hook me up with this last puzzle to collet ’em all? Or do you perhaps collect any interesting celebrity or author memorabilia?

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