This Is the One Item I Always Wear When I Want to Look Chic and Cozy

This Is the One Item I Always Wear When I Want to Look Chic and Cozy

Among my friends, I’ve always been known as the one who, despite working in the fashion industry, couldn’t care less about putting myself in pain for cute clothing. Sweats to go out for a nightcap on a Saturday? It’s more likely than you’d think.

My sense of style is at the intersection of cute and comfortable—a fresh take on the age-old grandma-chic look. I stopped wearing high heels a year ago, and black leggings are my go-to garment of choice. All of this is to say it takes a lot for me to adopt something into my wardrobe that doesn’t get me excited about fashion again. Enter the quilted jacket, a seasonal staple that’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

If you aren’t converted yet, let me help you. Quilted jackets are my personal savior. As I’m someone who’s getting adjusted to living in New York from Miami (hello, seasons!), a slightly oversize jacket is the key to success. There’s a color and pattern for everyone, from vibrant patchwork pieces to iconic army-green garments à la The Frankie Shop. The beauty of a quilted jacket is its versatility. I’ve worn the style both over my sriracha-stained pajama pants and over an expensive-looking cashmere turtleneck. Truly, you can’t go wrong. 

Scroll through to discover all the quilted jackets that have been sitting in my online cart. You’ll want to snag them before they’re gone. 

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