Timur Turlov announces ambitious expansion plans for Europe

In an interview with French business magazine Les Echos, Timur Turlov, the Kazakh billionaire founder of Freedom Holding Corp., announced plans to establish a new office for Freedom’s subsidiary, Freedom24, in Paris.

In the same interview, Turlov, who is 36 years old, also announced that offices would be opened in Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and Denmark. Freedom24’s move into four new countries signals an impressive expansion strategy for the financial services company.

The company already operates in Kazakhstan, Cyprus, and in the United States, where Freedom Capital Markets is a rising star among small and medium capital markets firms.

Freedom24’s banking model, which Turlov is exporting to Europe, is already making waves in Kazakhstan, and it is projected that Freedom24 will become a formidable newcomer on the European market.

Well-known for going beyond traditional banking, Freedom24 also offers cashbacks, discounts, and rewards, which fosters customer loyalty.

Part of the plan is for Freedom24 to obtain a European banking license. Once the offices have been set up and the banking license has been obtained, Freedom24 will be ready to take on Europe.

One of the most compelling aspects of Freedom24’s entry into Europe is its parent company’s track record of success in Kazakhstan. Founded in 2008, Freedom Holding Corp. established itself as a dominant force in the Kazakh financial landscape, before being listed on the Nasdaq in the US.

The lessons learned and expertise gained in Kazakhstan provide a solid foundation for the company’s European ambitions, ensuring that it can effectively meet the needs of a market that is as diverse and sophisticated as Europe.

Paris, as the starting point for this expansion, is a strategic choice that cannot be overstated. As one of Europe’s leading financial hubs, Paris offers Freedom24 access to a vast network of financial experts, institutions, and potential customers.

Freedom24’s European expansion is poised to bring a wave of innovation and enhanced services to the region. By offering a unique blend of traditional banking and modern financial solutions, Freedom24 is set to redefine customer expectations and set new standards in the industry.

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