Trend Watch: BeautyStreams exec on psycare opportunity in US beauty market

A new report from global beauty industry expert trend platform BeautyStreams defines the ‘psycare’ trend as a “movement representing a transformative wave in the beauty industry, foregrounding mental health and holistic well-being.”

This emerging beauty category combines the benefits of mental or psychological wellness with personal care products that provide a positive experience that can “enhance their well-being, improve their psychological health, address stress, and quiet a racing mind,” said Eleonora Mazzilli, Trend Localization & Business Development Director, North America at BeautyStreams.

We interviewed Mazzilli for her insights into the psycare trend in the US beauty market, including the current state of the trend’s rising popularity with US consumers, its potential impact on cosmetics and personal care product manufacturers and suppliers, and innovations driving its growth and expansion throughout the beauty industry.

CDU: What is the psycare trend in beauty? 

Elenora Mazzilli (EM)​: At BeautyStreams, we have identified psycare as an emerging beauty category that takes into consideration the psychological well-being of the individual. It can be expressed in different categories from Skin Care and Personal Care (including sexual wellness), through Hair Care, Home and Body Fragrance, Supplements, and even Color Cosmetics.   

Today, in an unprecedented context of political tensions, recession, wars, and climate emergency, pathologies linked to stress and sleep disorders are on the rise, thus this topic has never been more relevant. Today’s consumers seek above all finding pleasure and reassurance.

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