Trump Crying About 'Freezing' In The Courtroom Was Beautiful

On Thursday Trump whined like a spoiled child to the media because he was a little cold in the courthouse where he had to sit for his criminal trial… and that’s so unfair.

“And it’s a shame, it’s a shame,” Trump complained. “And I’m sitting here for days now, from morning till night, in that freezing room, freezing. Everybody was freezing in there.”

“And all for this, and this is your result,” he continued. “Look at that, each one of them a story. And it’s very unfair, very bad thing, very bad thing. The whole world is watching this hoax.”

Committing election interference by paying off a potential witness to cover up your infidelity is a crime. It’s a criminal offense.

It was so heartwarming and beautiful to hear the treasonous ex-president be forced to sit in the cold.

Poor baby.


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