Trump Expects To Be Humilated In NYC Election Interference Trial

Jury selection begins today in the Manhattan election interference case, brought by DA Alvin Bragg. Via the New York Times:

The first criminal trial of an American president will begin Monday as prosecutors and defense lawyers convene in a Manhattan courtroom to begin selecting the jury that will decide Donald J. Trump’s fate.

The Manhattan district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg, has charged Mr. Trump with 34 felonies, accusing him of falsifying documents to conceal a sex scandal involving a porn star.

The case, one of four indictments facing the former president and presumptive Republican nominee, could reshape the political landscape ahead of Election Day.

It will be an EXTREMELY uncomfortable ordeal for Mango Man. After all, Bragg alleges that Trump, Cohen and National Enquirer publisher David Pecker arranged to pay off Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal to keep them quiet about sexual relationships with Trump shortly before the election, and just after the “Access Hollywood” recording was made public.

Despite how media types characterize it, Stormy Daniels never had an “affair” with Trump. She had a (very) brief sexual encounter with a large element of coercion (she thought it was a business meeting to discuss her possible appearance on Celebrity Apprentice).

He did, however, seem to have had an actual affair with Karen McDougal that lasted for six months.

So all of this will come to light as soon as testimony begins (jury selection is expected to take at least two weeks) and Melania is famous for raging over her public humiliation. Her former aide says Trump is “afraid” of her.

Very little of this stuff is news to her (by many accounts, their marriage had an arrangement about these things), it’s the public airing of the very dirty linen that infuriates the woman who cloaked herself in the status of First Lady.

Daniels should make a compelling witness, and deep down, Trump knows it.

He must be terrified.

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